A Berlin based Artist and Designer specialising in interactive installations




Hagar Elazari works as an artist since 2013 with an emphasis on interactivity and technology. Born in Israel, Elazari moved to Berlin in 2017 where she lives and works at present. In 2012 she graduated with a master’s in industrial design from the Politecnico di Milano. Since then, her work has been commissioned by various art events such as the Amsterdam light festival and the Jerusalem light festival and was exhibited at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan and at the Arsenale di Venezia. She was invited to talk about her work on several occasions in Art and science related conferences among which is the Ars electronica festival in Linz Austria. In 2020, Elazari had her first solo exhibition at the Kunstverein Leverkusen Schloss Morsbroich presenting a mixture of old work as well as interactive installations created especially for the exhibition. Elazari, an autodidact in the area of creative technologies, dives deeper into the discipline with every new project, exploring each time new aspects of what´s available in the field with the intention to work with AI and with generative sound next. 


With a background in engineering, it is no wonder that most of Elazari´s inspiration comes from the natural sciences. First works were heavily influenced by optics but also astronomy. Elazari is intrigued by human behavior and is an observer of psychological phenomena which she often investigates in her work, such as with her Crossroad installation. Her interest in collaborative art had also led to installations such as Triangolini and Memories. As her work progresses, Elazari becomes more and more interested in trying out new technologies and adding more layers to her work. Currently she is interested in AI and in generative sound which she hopes will become integrated in her process soon. 


Elazari´s process usually begins with curiosity and observation. Which then ignites a research into a subject. First the written word which evolves into a visual research. It is not uncommon for her to use mind-mapping in her research in pursue of new ideas. The work on a new concept is often iterative and involves a lot of experimentation. In form and in materials. But also, in technology. It is often that through her work on a project she will learn a new technology that will help shape the new artwork. Sometimes it is through her interest in a certain technology that an idea for a new project will arise.  

Solo exhibitions

2020 – Kunstverein Leverkusen, Schloss Morsbroich 

Group exhibitions

2020 Luminale 2020, Frankfurter künstlerclub, Frankfurt  

2017  Arte-Laguna-prize, Arsenale di Venezia, Venice 

2016 Triennale di Milano Design Museum, XX1 Design after design, under 35 years call, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan 

2014 light exhibition, science museum, Jerusalem 


Art in public space

2014 Amsterdam Light Festival 2014-2015, Amsterdam  

2014 Jerusalem Light Festival 2014, Jerusalem  

2013 Amsterdam Light Festival 2013-2014, Amsterdam 


 Light Art Collection, Amsterdam  


2017, Arte Laguna prize, Finalist  

2016, Arts at CERN – Collide prize, Shortlisted  


Panels and conferences

2018 KUI (Kultur und Informatik), Berlin  

2015 Ars electronica, post city kit, future innovators Summit, Linz  


Elazari, H. and Brennecke, A. (2018). Memories- A concept for an interactive projection mapping installation. In: Busch C. Kassung C. Jürgen S (Hrsg.) (ed.) Kultur und Informatik:Hybrid Systems.Verlag Werner HülsbuschGlückstadt. 

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