A Berlin based Artist and Designer specialising in interactive installations

Arabesque LED / El-Wire

Arabesque was created in 2016 for the XX1 international exhibition curated by the Triennale di Milano. It is a mixture of old and new. Traditional and innovative. Bringing forgotten art to life in the second decade of the 21st century with the help of code, electronics and light technology. The concept of this work is to create a repeating tile that when put together with other tiles of the same pattern creates a large “tapestry” which changes together every few seconds. The patterns were designed so that when combined with other tiles, they will create new and different patterns. The inspiration for the patterns come from Islamic art and architecture, found in the Middle East and north Africa as well as some parts of Spain and Italy.  Each tile is made of plywood which is CNC machined to create the pattern’s grooves in which the light is incorporated. The light is programmed and controlled by an Arduino micro controller.


Dynamic objects

LED – Acrylic glass, Fiber optic, plywood, Arduino, LEDs 35x35x5 cm

El-Wire – Plywood, Acrylic glass, Arduino, Electroluminescent wire 30x30x5cm 

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