A Belin based Artist and Designer specialising in interactive installations


Some people find comfort in a horoscope, others in talking to a psychic. I find that the comfort that comes to people sometimes from motivational quotes has a lot in common with the previous two phenomena I’ve mentioned. Both are vague and can be interpreted to accommodate different situations. In this installation I try to capture this phenomenon. In this voice activated interactive and even immersive experience, a quote selected from a collection of quotes gathered from Pinterest, is projected in response to a question voiced into a microphone. The platform is built by using 3 Raspberry Pis each running a Processing sketch which reads a file and generates the letters. One of the Raspberry Pis is a server and the other two are clients.  The server is connected to a microphone which sends a message to the other two whenever the microphone detects a voice. Each of the Raspberry pi´s is connected to a beamer which projects the sketch onto the wall.  


Interactive installation

Projectors, Raspberry Pi, Processing 

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