A Belin based Artist and Designer specialising in interactive installations


Commissioned by the Amsterdam light festival in December 2013 and by the
Jerusalem light festival in June 2014. “Hatch” is an opening or a peephole to endless inner depths. This kinetic light sculpture is partly buried in the ground. When standing afar, it looks like a glass cube covering a kinetic sculpture of illuminated tubes resembling a ladder. However, when looking from above, one sees an endless tunnel. The idea behind this is similar to the visual effect experienced when standing between two parallel mirrors. This phenomenon gives a magical feeling that is very self-centered, seeing endless reflections of oneself. In this structure, however, one mirror is one-sided and the viewer stands behind it, seeing endless reflections of the object between the two mirrors. This takes one to a position of an outside observer to something that is usually unseen. The structure is built with aluminum and PVC for the lower part of which the bottom is a full mirror. A collaboration project with new-media artist Liat Segal.


Dynamic installation

Aluminium, PVC, Acrylic glass, LEDs, Arduino, Motors, Mirror film

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